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‘Environmental Aesthetics: History, Theory, Politics’, Live Talk by Timo Müller (University of Konstanz), 27th February 2023, Available Online

Posted: 14. April 2023
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Access the full talk here.

When: Monday 27th February, 8:00 UK time.

Where: Online meeting via Zoom. Prior registration is required:

Organiser: Waseda Institute for Advanced Study (WIAS)

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Timo Müller

The term „environmental aesthetics“ is most often associated with the work of philosopher Gernot Böhme, who sought to replace the emphasis on aesthetic judgment and subjectobject relations in traditional nature aesthetics with a more comprehensive understanding of environmental apperception. The talk contextualizes Böhme‘s approach with reference to historical predecessors and recent adaptations, for example in the New Materialism. Against this background it discusses the central assumptions of Böhme‘s approach and proposes some insights into the politics of aesthetic representations of the natural environment.

More information here.