Off the Road (ERC Project)

‘Urban Traffic and the Question of Sustainability in the Early Automobile Novel’, Talk by Timo Müller (University of Konstanz), 21st November 2023

Lecture When: Tuesday 21st November, 5:30 pm Where: University of Stuttgart, as part of the lecture series “Neuigkeiten aus dem Imaginationslabor: Nachhaltige Metropolen und Fiktionen des Klimawandels – Diverse Perspektiven”. Join the hybrid event online by registering here. Organiser: University of Stuttgart, Department of American Literature and Culture with the IZKT and the Green Office Speaker: Prof. Dr. Timo Müller  […]

‘The Time and Subject of Oil in Edwin Lanham’s Thunder in the Earth’, Conference Talk by Jannis Buschky (University of Konstanz), 17th November 2023

Conference TAlk When: Friday 17th November Where: As part of the online “Environmental Humanities Conference” centering around new modes of thinking about the encounters between humans and the more-than-human world. Learn more about the conference here. Organiser: Journal of Ecohumanism Jannis Buschky’s conference paper “The Time and Subject of Oil in Edwin Lanham’s Thunder in the Earth” […]

Research Trip to Archives at UMass Boston: Jannis Buschky Examines Early Bicycling Collections, 24th September-1st October 2023

Research trip From 24th September to 1st October our doctoral researcher Jannis Buschky went on a research trip to the University of Massachusetts Boston. In the archives at UMass Boston, Buschky examined the collections “League of American Bicyclists records, 1880-2012” and “Phyllis Harmon: League of American Wheelmen (LAW) collection, 1880-2006”.  The largest collections on the […]

‘Political Ecology: Workshop on Environmental Humanities’ at the University of Konstanz, Co-organized with the History Department and the OffRoad Project, 14th-15th September 2023

workshop When: Thursday, 14th to Friday, 15th September Where: Bischofsvilla Konstanz, participation online only Organisers: Irmtraud Huber, Sebastian Koos, Timo Müller, MarieMuschalek and Sven Reichardt, in collaboration with the OfftheRoad project. More information and contact details on participation here.    

‘What Long-Term Negative Impacts Do Colonial Infrastructures Still Have Today?’, Interview with Timo Müller (University of Konstanz), 18th July 2023

© Tororo, Urganda, 2010, U.S. Army Foto von John Hanson. No changes made.  INTERVIEW The Association for Anglophone Postcolonial Studies (GAPS) recently elected Timo Müller as president. GAPS takes a critical look at European Colonialism and its effects. The complete interview with Timo Müller about postcolonial infrastructure can be accessed here.

The OffRoad Project Welcomes Gilberto Mazzoli as a Postdoctoral Researcher, 24th April 2023

Welcome! Gilberto Mazzoli is a PhD candidate at the Department of History and Civilization at the European Institute in Florence where he is finishing his dissertation on “Portable Natures: Environmental Visions, Urban Practices, Migratory Flows. Agriculture and the Italian Experience in North American Cities. 1880-1940”. He started his employment with the OffRoad project in April 2023.

‘Environmental Aesthetics: History, Theory, Politics’, Live Talk by Timo Müller (University of Konstanz), 27th February 2023, Available Online

LIVE TALK AND DISCUSSION Access the full talk here. When: Monday 27th February, 8:00 UK time. Where: Online meeting via Zoom. Prior registration is required: Organiser: Waseda Institute for Advanced Study (WIAS) Speaker: Prof. Dr. Timo Müller The term „environmental aesthetics“ is most often associated with the work of philosopher Gernot Böhme, who sought […]